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軒外之音 | ModBox Beauty Box Review | October 2013 Exclusive Blogger Kit

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首先,要謝謝 MODBOX 讓我成爲 Modbox Blogger's Community 還有他們送出來的美容產品。

十月中收到負責人 Jess (Modbox Co-founder) 寄來的電郵說會寄 Modbox Blogger Kit 給我。裏面有很多不同牌子的好產品。

Brief Summary: Modbox is a beauty discovery service in Malaysia. Modbox aims to provide a convenient avenue for women to pamper themselves by sampling and purchasing beauty products right in the comfort of their own home.

Modbox is a beauty box service in Malaysia. We partner with beauty brands so you can sample and try products before you buy.

Modbox 裏面到底裝了什麽好康美容產品?我們來看看...

Modbox 的包裝盒子很精致,而且質量很好。
包裝裏頭也附送Modbox 產品的資料。每一樣產品都很詳細的列出來。


品牌 Brand: Murad
產品 Product: Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner 
Refer product at Modbox website: Murad – Resurgence Hydrating Toner
Key Ingredient: 
1. Lecithin that helps lock in moisture and restore suppleness
2. Witch hazel that tightens pores
3. Chamomile and cucumber extract to soothe irritation and soften skin
產品網站: Murad Official Site
包裝 Packing: 15ml
價錢 Price: 180ml @ RM 128.00 
用法 To Use: Apply evenly over clean face, neck and chest. 

Understand more about Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner:

Rehydrate  skin with this best selling toner from Murad that balances and neutralizes surface impurities. Rooted in Murad's proprietary system for optimizing cell hydration and skin health, this toner will help you restore your skin's suppleness to its former glory. Apply over cleansed face before moisturizing for a refreshing treat to your skin.

這是我第一次接觸 Murad 這牌子,好奇心下決定好好研究。Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner 有噴咀設計所以很方便,此產品擁有特效的補濕作用,能幫助皮膚補充水分,也能優化細胞和水化成健康而柔軟的皮膚。

品牌 Brand: Dermedex (Dynamic . Cosmetic . Science)
產品 Product: Biotox Cleanser (Challenge Pack) - 1. Bio'tox Cleanser 
Refer product at Modbox website: Dermedex – Biotox Cleanser
Key Ingredient: Herbal plant extracts such as parsley, heather and bearberry extracts
產品網站: Dermedex Official Site
包裝 Packing: Bio'tox Cleanser (10g)
價錢 Price: 50ml @ RM 120.00 

用法 To Use: Bio'tox Cleanser - For all Skin Types
Use Morning, evenings and after strenuous exercises. Apply a small amount to wet skin and work into light milky foam using circular motion, concentrating on the T-Zone. For better result, leave it on your face for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. You may even use it as an over-night mask.

Understand more about Bio'tox Cleanser:

Using active ingredients, this product helps to unclog pores while moisturizing your skin. This deep cleansing blend is a necessity and any skin care regime and regular use will help achieve a brighter and clearer complexion. It can dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing while restoring the supple, glowing properties of a healthy skin.


品牌 Brand: Dermedex (Dynamic . Cosmetic . Science)
產品 Product: Biotox Cleanser (Challenge Pack) - 2. Refining Cream 2
Refer product at Modbox website: Dermedex – Refining Cream 2
Key Ingredient: Avocado oil, algae and ginkgo biloba extracts
產品網站: Dermedex Official Site
包裝 Packing: Refining Cream 2 (5g)
價錢 Price: 30ml @ RM 165.00

用法 To Use: Refining Cream 2 - for all Skin Types
Use mornings, evening and after strenuous exercises. Concentrate on the T-Zone or problem areas.

Understand more about Refining Cream 2:

Quick and effective for problem prone skin, suck as those with pimples, big open pores and dull appearance. Regular use will encourage your skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring your youthful radiant complexion. You may even see results in your first application when use together with Bio'tox Cleanser.


品牌 Brand: Human Nature
產品 Product: Strengthening Shampoo with CreamFoam
Refer product at Modbox website: Human Nature – Strengthening Shampoo with CreamFoam
Key Ingredient: 1. Coconut nectar that’s rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals to re-build and strengthen hair
2. Hydrolyzed wheat protein to strengthen hair and retain moisture
3. Organic avocado oil to smooth and moisturize hair
產品網站: Human Nature Official Site
包裝 Packing: 50ml
價錢 Price: 50ml @RM 11.90 / 200ml @ RM 22.90 / 500ml @ RM 44.90
用法 To Use: Shake well and apply right amount to cover your hair in creamy lather. Work the lather from roots to tips. Rinse off completely. 

Understand more about Strengthening Shampoo with CreamFoam:

Strengthen hair and reduce hair fall by up to 80% with his all- natural, SLS-free strengthening shampoo. It is rich in Philippine coco nectar and hydrolyzed proteins that rebuild hair and help it retain moisture. Shake well, add a few drops of water to the shampoo in your hand before lathering it up onto hair, and enjoy stronger, healthier tresses.

此產品能加強頭發數量,高達80%的減少脫發,與他的全天然,無SLS加強洗發水。 Strengthening Shampo 能重建頭發和幫助它保持豐富水分。用法很簡單,只需搖勻,再加幾滴水搓出泡沫,然後放在頭髮上即可。而你將會有更健康的秀發哦!

品牌 Brand: Lavera (Naturkosmetik)
產品 Product: Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream
Refer product at Modbox website: Lavera – Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream
Key Ingredient: Organic almond oil and shea butter to deeply nourish and moisturise skin
產品網站: Lavera Official Site
包裝 Packing: 30ml
用法 To Use: Shake well to ensure natural oils and contents are mixed. Apply onto dry hands and elbows throughout the day to keep hands soft and moisturised!

Understand more about Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream:

Protect and pamper hard working, air-conditioned hands with this vegan-friendly hand cream. With organic almond oil and organic shea butter, it luxuriously moisturises and nourishes hands. 


品牌 Brand: Kneipp
產品 Product: Eucalyptus Herbal Bath - Product from Left in Green Packing (photo below)
Refer product at Modbox website: Kneipp – Eucalyptus Herbal Bath
Key Ingredient: Eucalyptus essential oil that works as a natural disinfectant to help clear the senses | Juniper oil that help to soothe aches and inflamed skin
產品網站: Kneipp Official Site
包裝 Packing: 10ml
價錢 Price: 100ml @ RM 67.00
用法 To Use: Pour approximately one cap of bath treatment under warm water and mix it in. Enjoy a relaxing soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off and pat your skin dry.

Understand more about Eucalyptus Herbal Bath:

A healing bath treatment especially for those suffering from the flu or allergies, it is infused with eucalyptus that works as a natural disinfectant to clear congestion. MIx the entire contents of the sachet in a tub of warm water. Enjoy a relaxing soak for 15-20 minutes, and you will find your sinuses cleared and aches thoroughly soothed.


品牌 Brand: Kneipp
產品 Product: Almond Blossom Body Lotion - Product from Left in Pink Packing (photo below)
Refer product at Modbox website: Kneipp – Almond Blossom Body Lotion
Key Ingredient: 1. Sweet almond oil that prevents water loss at the celllular level and locks in moisture
2. Jojoba oil that helps other oils better penetrate into the skin
產品網站: Kneipp Official Site
包裝 Packing: 8ml
價錢 Price: 200ml @ RM 89.00
用法 To Use: Apply after shower to lock in the moisture and gently massage.

Understand more about Almond Blossom Body Lotion:

This natural-based body lotion is formulated with a dream team of hydrating ingredients - sweet almond, avocado and jojoba oils that deeply moisturise and nourish skin.

著產品基於這種天然潤膚露制定,有保濕的成分 ,而且能深入滋潤及滋養肌膚。

品牌 Brand: Kneipp
產品 Product: Lavender Herbal Body Oil - Product from Left in Purple Packing (photo below)
Refer product at Modbox website: Kneipp – Lavender Herbal Body Oil
Key Ingredient: 1. Sweet almond oil that prevents water loss at the celllular level and locks in moisture
2. Lavender oil that’s therapeutic and soothes body and mind
產品網站: Kneipp Official Site
包裝 Packing: 8ml
價錢 Price: 100ml @ RM 67.00
用法 To Use: Apply a thin layer after shower onto slightly damp skin and gently massage.

Understand more about Lavender Herbal Body Oil:

Rich in sweet almond, sunflower and lavender oils, this natural based body oil contains essential fatty acids and Vitamins A and E that will leave you with smooth, supple skin. It absorbs quickly and has a therapeutic lavender scent that relaxes body and mind.


8 樣美容產品很多對吧?這些產品足可以讓我皮膚更漂亮更亮麗了!

Modbox 美容箱的價錢是多少呢?How much does a Modbox Beauty Box cost?

Modbox 的負責人希望每個人都負擔得起的價錢來體驗收到Modbox美容箱的喜悅,所以一個美容箱只需 RM 9.00。  
方法很簡單,只需選擇3類樣品,價錢 RM9.00 再加+郵費。
Select 3 beauty samples across 3 categories. For just RM9 (+ postage).

郵費 Postage
西馬 Peninsular Malaysia RM 6.00
東馬 East Malaysia RM 9.00

How long will delivery take?
All items are shipped within 3 working days after your order is received.
For Peninsular Malaysia, please allow 3 – 7 working days for your order to arrive.
For East Malaysia, please allow 7 – 9 working days for your order to arrive.

只需要 RM 9.00 + 郵費,就可以得到自己喜好的好產品了。


Modbox 的網站裏有很多很多很好的美容產品。
趕快也為自己添加一個適合你的 Modbox 產品吧!


  1. 喜欢那个洗发水和lotion!!! =]

    1. 小影, 那个洗发水和lotion都好好用,而且味道也香香的 =D

  2. 介绍得好仔细!谢谢分享 =)

    1. 珊姑娘, 护发产品还是我第一次收到。 发尾不健康的要好好照顾才行~

  3. ahh.. looks like a nice set of stuff there :)

    1. yaya, a lot of nice beauty stuff I received from Modbox :)

  4. 那个dermetex我看过,之前美容师有卖!听说不错哦。。。

    1. Yenling, 这是我第一次接触到 Dermetex.. 这产品也能够淡化小疤痕的。

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    1. Ember, hand cream 天天我都需要的东西!

  6. 你也写得太详细了吧!我好羞愧地说哈哈哈
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    如果不是我皮肤敏感的话 ... *原地画圈*

    1. Min, 对只需要 RM9.00 而已,而且可以买 sample 试用了,适合了,才购买 ..hehe
      物有所值 :)

  7. 你写得好仔细!我要反省下了,因为我都还没开始拍照 ><

    1. Vachel 我对美容知识是白痴,所以做了很多功课来了解 .. lol

  8. 看起来真的很棒,我要去订购试试。。嘻嘻!!~